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Cosmetic dentistry – Veneers

Veneers is a term used for facets we apply in transforming discolored, chipped and damaged teeth into completely new and white ones.

Veneers represent one of the basic techniques for a successful “Smile makeover”. For many years, they have been the secret to success for celebrities, models and actors.

Veneers are thin layers (dental facets) made of ceramics. They are placed over the front side of the tooth to repair and improve the tooth’s aesthetics.

When does cosmetic dentistry recommend veneers?

There are numerous cases when this technique is a good option and when it is desirable to choose it. The most common reasons of veneer placement are:

  •   intensively discolored teeth that cannot be corrected by standard treatments of whitening; stains on the teeth are completely covered by facets
  •  chipped or partially broken teeth that gradually lose their functionality and are aesthetically unappealing
  •   teeth damaged by pressure are ideally corrected with veneers
  •  diastemata or gaps between teeth are easily closed, which gives a new appearance to your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry – steps in placing the veneers

The first and basic step to be made is dental examination and consultation with your dentist. Based on your needs and expectations, we will design the most efficient solutions that would meet functionality and health standards, as well as cost-effectiveness of the treatment. Successful realization of this treatment requires the following steps:

  • gum preparation, if necessary
  • the process is performed under local anesthesia to make preparation as comfortable as possible for the patient
  • abrasion of a thin layer on the front side of the teeth in proportion with the thickness of the veneer that would be placed instead
  • dental impression is taken with special pastes and sent to the dental laboratory
  • while you wait for the veneer to be made, your dentist will place temporary protection because teeth are slightly more sensitive during this period of time
  • during your next visit, ready-made veneers are placed, the final appearance is achieved and verified in terms of matching the rest of your teeth
  • if you are satisfied with the work, cementing is performed by using a special lamp that permanently attaches the veneers onto the teeth

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