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Teeth whitening

One of the most effective ways of improving the aesthetics of your smile is definitely teeth whitening. There are two most common types of whitening offered and those are:

  • at the dentist’s office – laser teeth whitening
  • at home – professional teeth whitening with provided equipment.

Both procedures are performed by using peroxide-based gels of different concentration. More izbeljivanje zubaconcentrated gels cause a more intensive and effective teeth whitening. We should mention that high levels of concentration can lead to undesired side effects such as heightened teeth sensitivity or gum and lips damages. This is why dentist’s experience is crucial because it helps select the proper concentration of peroxide, as well as the frequency and number of treatments so that the effects would be optimum. Teeth whitening by laser is performed exclusively inside a dental office, and special gels initiated by light are used for this purpose. The treatment lasts from 1 to 2 hours and the results are soon visible. For a complete effect, after this treatment we advise that you continue the whitening process at home to make results more long lasting.

Laser teeth whitening

Before the very treatment of teeth whitening, an examination is necessary in order to determine whether your teeth are suitable for this treatment, and to inform you about all effects, potential risks and unwanted side effects. To make this treatment complete, a mandatory step is to remove the calculus sediments and to polish your teeth.

The treatment includes applying gel onto the teeth and exposing them to laser light for approximately 15 minutes. Then the gel is removed and the teeth rinsed. A new layer of gel is applied and the procedure repeated two more times. Since this affects the composition and sensitivity of the teeth, we recommend that you use products for additional teeth fluoridation and avoid cold and coloured drinks during the few days after the teeth whitening is complete. A few days after the treatment, the whiteness of your teeth will slightly regress, so it is recommendable to apply professional home whitening to prolong the effect of whitening.

Teeth whitening with professional equipment for domestic use

To give you the equipment necessary for teeth whitening at home, we need to take an impression of your jaw and make a model based on which special trays are designed. Gel that is available in different concentrations is applied in the trays. Your dentist will recommend the proper level of concentration. Since there are various systems and gel concentrations, some trays are combined with gel during the night, while others are used during the day (1 to 2 hours).

Are you compatible for teeth whitening?

During the necessary examination, your dentist will determine if teeth whitening is suitable for you. Possible conditions when teeth whitening is not recommended are periodontal disease, gum inflammations and different teeth and jaw diseases. The patient must understand that teeth whitening does not affect the existing fillings, crowns or veneers, so a complete replacement is necessary if you want optimum effect and matching shades.

To what extent can whitening change the colour of the teeth?

his is highly individual and depends on the quality of your teeth, the expected result and the dentist’s recommendation. Depending on the method used, differences in the final outcome are also identifiable. The most popular methods today are Zoom, Opalescence…

As we’ve already mentioned, the results are sometimes quite obvious (as much as ten shades whiter teeth), whereas in other cases the treatment results in only a few shades of improved whiteness. The effect depends on the natural pigmentation of your teeth – if they are intensively yellow, the difference after the treatment is highly noticeable, whereas the difference is not as conspicuous in less coloured teeth.

Is teeth whitening painful and what are the unwanted side effects?

Since this intensively affects the teeth, heightened sensitivity in the form of occasional sharp pain is quite common, but it should end within 2 days of completing the treatment. It can also happen that you experience no changes of your daily routine and that these inconveniences are completely missing. Your dentist will provide you with necessary guidelines and medicaments, namely specialised foams and gels, for alleviating sensitivity. Our general recommendation is to avoid cold and hot food in the following 48 hours.