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Devojka sa prelepim osmehom

Preventive dentistry

One should pay special attention to oral hygiene and mouth disease prevention. Proper, regular and high-quality hygiene, but also visits to the dentist are of vital importance to overall oral health and avoidance of complicated interventions.

During regular check-ups, causes of problems can be timely identified and eliminated already in their initial stage. This way, you can avoid expensive and demanding therapies that would otherwise follow. By doing this, you will extend the life time of your permanent teeth and provide yourself with a healthier life, better and stronger oral hygiene and mouth disease prevention.

During regular check-up, it is favourable to schedule ultrasound removal of dental calculus, to perform a detail cleaning of all dental surfaces and to correct any irregularity. At the same time, the dentist will examine the gums for possible signs of gingiva inflammation and of periodontal diseases. The advice-giving function of preventive dentistry is often neglected, but it is very important. You should be aware that you cannot know everything about proper oral hygiene and that regular education is always favourable.

Since we are constantly bombarded by pharmaceutical products, preventive dentistry helps you make correct choices of products, as well as of the proper frequency and manner of use. During a visit to the dentist for regular check-ups, we suggest the following treatments:

  • examination of all dental fillings,
  • complete examination of the oral cavity to determine the presence and signs of disease,
  • tooth polishing – removal of soft sediments from the surface of the teeth,
  • fluoride therapy – application of special pastes and gels that help proper growth and renewal,
  • fissure sealing – treatment recommended for younger patients as a preventive method against formation of caries on the primary teeth. Fissure and pits sealing with thin coatings,
  • check-ups – timely identification of possible diseases and examination of previous interventions.

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