Straightening Teeth with Myobrace Dentures - Hollywood Smile

Why Myobrace for straightening teeth?

Myobrace therapy is a simple and effective method for straightening teeth. It does not require wearing locks or uncomfortable dental appliances 24 hours a day. Wearing the Myobrace System for an hour or two during the day, and during the night, while the patient sleeps, combined with daily exercises, in most cases – this is all that is needed for the teeth to be straightened in a natural way.



Locks still have the most success in straightening teeth, but they do not solve the cause of their tightness. Most orthodontic problems, especially toothache and underdevelopment of the lower jaw, are caused by bad habits, such as mouth breathing and tongue printing. If these habits are not corrected, the wearing time of the retainer after the lock therapy increases.

How does Myobrace straighten teeth naturally?

Myobrace System without locks straightens teeth and jaws. The therapy is based on the technique of miofunctional devices that aim to correct bad oral habits, (known as miofunctional habits) since it is the real cause of loose teeth. With their light but constant forces, they affect the arrangement of the teeth.

Orthodontists and dentists around the world have been practicing miofunctional devices for straightening teeth for more than 50 years. We call them mobile, because they are worn only for 1-2 hours during the day, as well as at night, while the patient is sleeping. During the day, the Myobrace machine is combined with exercises (to improve breathing, muscle function, and tongue position), and this results in straightening the teeth and a more active role of the leading facial muscles, which, in turn, leads to a healthier smile.

About the Myobrace system

The Myobrace system is based on over 20 years of experience in solving orthodontic problems without the need for fixed appliances. It works in two ways: as a system that corrects bad habits that have led to poor dental development, and at the same time, with mild forces, influences the teeth to line up in the correct order and their natural position. This system is used by orthodontists and dentists for the purpose of straightening teeth in more than 100 countries around the world. Myobrace therapy does not include the use of fixed or complex uncomfortable devices that are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wearing a Myobrace device for only 1-2 hours every day, as well as at night, in combination with exercises (Myobrace activites) – that’s all that is required during the treatment.

These devices are designed to be worn in a certain order to train the position of the tongue and oral musculature, and then these light muscle forces will line the teeth in a row. In a small number of cases, braces may be needed to ensure a perfectly aligned dentition. The Myobrace system differs from other orthodontic therapies because it aims not only to correct, but also to eliminate the cause that led to tooth compaction and underdevelopment of the jaw. This method of therapy is ideal for patients during growth and development, aged 6 to 10 years. The effects of treatment in other years are also good, but it takes much more time and it is harder to correct habits, especially in elderly patients.

Myobrace therapy gives the following results:

  • Proper breathing on the nose and joined lips at rest
  • Correct language position
  • Lip muscle inactivity when swallowing
  • Good facial development
  • Straightening teeth without braces, retainers or extraction

Advantages over traditional methods

Straightens your teeth
No locks
 Without regular retailers
 It can be taken off, comfortable to wear
 It is worn for 1-2 hours a day and during the night
 Corrects the cause of loose teeth
 Reduces the possibility of damage to enamel and tooth roots
 Oral hygiene is easily maintained
 More comfortable to wear compared to locks