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Invisalign transparent orthodontic foils for teeth straightening are number one globally, and the original Invisalign has finally arrived in our country!

These are transparent foils for teeth correction that is patented in America and the most modern method in teeth correction without compromising the aesthetics of appearance.


Invisalign folije


These foils, primarily made of the so-called SmartTrack® material, will shape your smile comfortably and in the most comfortable way.

The foils are removable, which means you can easily remove them, to maintain oral hygiene or enjoy food. However, it is recommended to wear them 22 hours a day, but this will not be a problem for you, especially considering that these foils are almost invisible.

Invisalign folije

This is the most successful tooth correction system because it uses the most modern technology.

The new technology of transparent orthodontic foils, the first of its kind in the world, is much more than just straightening teeth and placing them in the correct dentition. The results have already been satisfactorily confirmed by 10 million users worldwide.

The digital therapy plan (so-called ClinCheck® technology) allows each patient to have an insight into how the treatment will take place and what his teeth will look like in the end.

Each set of foils is adapted to your mouth with the help of 3D technology and allows easy but effective movement of your teeth.

After making custom 3D foils, you get a set of foils that need to be changed at home, approximately every 1-2 weeks. You visit the dentist every 6-8 weeks and monitor your progress together with him.

Invisalign foils will do their job all the time, while you deal with other things in life.

Achieving the smile you deserve has never been more comfortable and discreet!

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