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Cosmetic dentistry

Even the ones who do not possess the natural gift of beauty can appear charming to their surroundings if they have a nice smile. The most important factor in the formation of a person’s first impression about us is our genuine and natural smile.

Cosmetic dentistry – steps in treatment

Teeth reshaping through correction of small fractures and irregularities is right for you if:

  • your aim is confidence about your smile and teeth aesthetics
  • you wish to spend minimum amount of money and quickly solve your problem
  • your teeth are long enough so that small corrections wouldn’t make them too short, worn out or aged-looking

After the examination and considering the overall condition of your teeth (dental status, health and radiology imaging), we will prescribe a personalized therapy specifically designed for you, your needs and desires. Quick and simple design and correction of the temporary works will enable you to enjoy your new smile in the shortest time possible. The work itself is minimally invasive and includes no complicated or demanding procedures.

The aesthetics can be improved and enhanced by the following elements:

  • teeth whitening
  • dental facets
  • non-metal ceramics
  • ceramic inlays
  • prosthetics on implants.

Cosmetic dentistry – Smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry approach is complex and involves all dental procedures whose goal is to improve the looks of your smile. “Smile makeover” is a common phrase used for procedures that improve elements which influence the beauty of a smile, and in celebrity circles, the term “Hollywood smile” is frequently used.

Having a beautiful and natural smile influences one’s self-esteem and confidence, and it helps making good first impressions and subsequent interpersonal communication. Cosmetic dentistry and its promotion are increasingly available in the media. Due to accessibility of working methods and processes, a beautiful Hollywood smile is no longer a privilege of the rich and famous. Today, you too can have a smile you’ve always wanted.

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