Here is Why Teeth Straightening Aligners are AMAZING! - Hollywood Smile

Teeth aligners have revolutionized teeth straightening and made it way easier and faster. 

We all strive to have a perfect smile. To most people, the natural appearance of their teeth doesn’t bring the desired flawless smile. This is why they are forced to seek professional help from the dentist.

For example, if you want your teeth to be brighter, you go and do a few teeth brightening treatments.  

But what should you do if your teeth are crooked and you have misaligned bite?

beautiful white teeth - aligned teeth
Beautiful white and aligned teeth

In this case, most people opt for fixed or mobile orthodontic appliances. Teeth straightening aligners are a more modern version that has proven to be a very effective and popular solution.

What are the teeth straightening aligners?

Teeth straightening foils, or so-called dental aligners, are foils which purpose is to remove teeth imperfections. 

Teeth straightening aligners have been available for two decades and aim to eliminate all irregularities in the bite and position of the teeth. 

Their practicality makes them an extremely attractive alternative because they eliminate all irregularities in a very easy and imperceptible way.

Since teeth-straightening aligners are completely transparent, they are a very popular choice.  

One more of their advantages is that they are much easier to maintain and clean than the metal braces. 

In this text, you can read about a few successful ways for teeth straightening that are used in everyday practice. 

We will also try to answer the question of whether the teeth straightening aligners are the best thing that has been created in orthodontics. 

Other ways of teeth straightening

Now that you are familiar with dental aligners we wanted to tell you about other ways of teeth straightening.

We will talk about:

  • fixed appliances (dental braces)
  • removable appliances (mobile dental braces)
  • jaw operation

After reading about these ways of teeth straightening, you can learn more about teeth aligners further on in the text.

Fixed dental braces or fixed orthodontic appliances

Perfect teeth alignment is a rarity. This is why most people often wonder what is the fastest and most effective way to correct it.

Before making a choice, you must know that it can be a long journey. 

Consider all possibilities with your dentist and make the right choice by consulting the jaw orthopedic specialist.

fixed dental braces - fixed orthodontic appliances
Fixed dental braces

You can choose between fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances to straighten your teeth alignment.

Fixed braces are used when the patient has all permanent teeth. 

The braces are devices that apply force to the teeth to move them. This ensures the shifting of the teeth and their placement into the correct position.

You cannot take them off, this means that they are constantly working on correcting the alignment of the teeth.

Dental braces consist of locks and wire that connects them. They are glued on every tooth and wire that connects them enables even pressure on all teeth. 

The locks are attached to the teeth by a special glue. They have a groove on their surface which is formed according to the position of the wire. The force that is applied to the teeth depends on the shape, material, and thickness of the wire.

Fixed braces therapy lasts 18-24 months on average. The checkups are usually scheduled every 3 to 6 months. 

It is essential to maintain the hygiene of the teeth and the appliances so you can achieve the desired result.

At the end of the therapy, when both the dentist and the patient are satisfied with the results, the device is removed and the period of retention occurs.

During the period of retention, the jaw bone recovers from the changes, and the teeth are maintained in the achieved position. In this period the patient wears retention foil during the night and as much as possible during the day.

beautiful aligned teeth - teeth after orthodontic alignement
Teeth aligners can help you have perfect smile!

Fixed braces are certainly one of the most effective solutions, but they have a bad reputation despite it. People wearing them often dislike the “metal smile” it gives them.

Damon braces

The older generation of locks is made of metal. Today the use of ceramic and white composite locks is increasing.

The mechanism of Damon braces does not use elastic ligatures.

As a more modern and technologically superior version, the locks of this type are less conspicuous than the traditional ones. 

Deamon clear braces are completely transparent and almost imperceptible.

By applying wire arches, the teeth migrate faster into the desired direction. This means that the therapy is much faster, even up to 12 months, with fewer checkups. 

This type of therapy also provides greater comfort due to the biological chain forces that are manifested by wire arches.

Removable dental braces or mobile orthodontic appliances

The effectiveness of removable dental braces therapy depends on the patient’s discipline and the extent to which he or she follows the instructions from the dentist. 

 It goes without saying that the effectiveness of this type of therapy implies regular wearing of the appliance.

dental foils
Dental foils

Removable dental braces are often used in the first phase of orthodontic therapy until permanent teeth erupt and the fixed dental braces therapy is prescribed.

Removable appliances need to be worn for a minimum of eight hours a day if they are made with a screw. 

The patient must turn it regularly to expand the dental arch as well as move the teeth.

It is also very important to regularly clean the appliance so that you can prevent limescale retention.

Removable dental braces can be made in different colors according to the wishes of the patients.

There are two types of removable dental braces:

  • plate appliances
  • functional appliances

Plate dental appliances are attached to teeth with wire hooks to achieve stability in the mouth. They consist of active elements that use mechanical forces for correcting the teeth alignment and are made separately for the upper and lower jaw.

bad teeth - imperfect teeth
Bad teeth positioning can be fixed!

The function of this type of braces is as follows:

  • moving of individual tooth or a group of teeth
  • extension and shaping of the jaw and dental arches
  • retention – maintenance of the results achieved by fixed braces

Functional appliances don’t have any source of force by design. Instead, by being in the mouth they make changes in bone, joint, and muscle structures. They can be made for both jaws or individually.

Functional dental appliances are used:

  • to eliminate bad habits, such as finger sucking, mouth breathing, etc.
  • for bite correction (steep, deep, distal, open, etc.)
  • to correct irregular orofacial functions (speech, breathing, swallowing)

Both plate and functional appliances are made according to the previously taken teeth impressions. It is important to wear them as much as you can during the day, but you cannot drink or speak while wearing them.

Their effect is the greatest on the onset of puberty and it declines in its function and efficiency later on in life.

Today, people most often choose Myobrace system to correct functional irregularities, bad habits, and with it the position of the teeth.

Teeth straightening surgery

This procedure can seem extreme and radical but certainly has its advantages. The surgery is necessary for the correction of a misaligned bite.  

The teeth straightening with surgery is usually done when there is a problem in the alignment of the jaw and teeth and in case of a skeletal discrepancy.

teeth straightening surgery
Teeth straightening surgery

If only a few teeth need correcting, then the surgery is not necessary.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Like any other, it carries with it the risk of complications that include pain, swelling, bleeding, and infection. The recovery time is also long.

The surgery focuses on repairing functional problems, which include speech and chewing problems. If the patient has headaches due to an improper bite, then he or she can be a potential candidate for the surgery. Patients with protruding chin can use this type of surgery also.

You must consult a dentist if you want to straighten your teeth.

Find one you can trust and make an appointment.

Together, you can then preserve your oral health and achieve the desired results no matter what type of therapy you choose.

How much does teeth straightening cost?

The price of removable dental appliances is on average around 250 per jaw.

The price of metal fixed braces is on average around 700 euros per jaw.

The price of aesthetic braces is on average around 1000 euros per jaw.

The price of the teeth aligners is defined according to the severity of the case. After the exam, the therapy plan is set and the exact number of aligners is determined.

The price for the teeth aligner therapy is set that the easier cases cost up to 1500 euros, medium 2500, and the severe ones 3500 euros.

In case you need surgery, most of the insurance companies will cover at least a part of the expenses. Contact your surgeon and explain what forms of payment are available to you.

Keep in mind that most of the time your dentist and dental practice will allow you to pay in installments by using checks or payment cards.

What does aligner treatment look like?

First, you have to make an appointment with a dentist and be informed about all the details related to this treatment. 

After that, a 3D analysis of your teeth is performed.

It is used to determine:

  • the duration,
  • number of sets that must be worn,
  • the final result,
  • and the price.

The patient has an opportunity to see the process of teeth straightening based on a 3D analysis. The software gives information on how much aligners you have to wear to get the desired results.

Two models of the jaw and teeth are made based on the impressions so that the comparison can be made. 

The first model shows the current condition, the second model shows what the jaw and the teeth will look like after the treatment.

In severe cases, it is necessary to glue special teeth color locks to the tooth so that it can be moved in the desired position.

Very often teeth don’t have enough space to get into the correct position, so it is necessary to narrow certain teeth. This process is called tooth reshaping.

Tooth reshaping will be done either at the beginning of the treatment or during the therapy.

Each aligner can move teeth from 0.23 to 0.33 mm on average, so their number is determined based on that.

The first aligner is worn for 12 to 14 days after which you get a new one.

The new aligner is used to make further pressure and move the teeth in the desired direction. 

It is possible to get all the aligners at once with no need to visit the dentist later on. This is important for people who live abroad and don’t stay in Serbia for long.

However, such a practice can be bad for the patient because certain teeth may need to be narrowed at some point.

This must be noticed at the right moment, which is impossible to determine without regular checkups.

Therefore, patients who are not able to come to every checkup are advised to come to a total of two checkups at regular intervals.

The motivation of the patients is of crucial importance because they are expected to wear liners for up to 20 hours a day.

The use of dental aligners after the braces

Removal of the braces does not mean that the tooth straightening therapy is over. For the teeth to not move after the straightening, it is essential to wear the so-called retention aligner.

dental aligners
Dental aligner

After removing the braces, such aligners are worn more often and for longer periods, and after a few months, they are worn only overnight.

In case you grind your teeth during sleep, these aligners are an ideal solution because they will protect your teeth from possible damage.


Crooked teeth, in addition to not looking nice, can also disrupt your life. This is why it is important to start the teeth straightening therapy on time.

In case you are not satisfied with the position of your teeth, there are several methods to solve this problem.

Removable dental appliances are used at a younger age, while fixed dental appliances can be used at all ages.

The aligners are used as the most modern method today.

They are not fixed, almost imperceptible, and are easy to remove and put back. Doesn’t this make them the most comfortable solution?

If your teeth are not in an extremely irregular position, we warmly recommend the dental aligners. 

They are favorite among young and are especially popular in the USA where they are considered to be the easiest way to get a Hollywood smile.