Pantomogram - Hollywood Smile

ortopanIn addition to the standard examination with a dentist’s (mouth) mirror, what gives your dentist a much better insight into the overall condition of your teeth is a pantomogram Xray scan. In digital X-ray technology. By digitalising the pantomogram, the time of exposure to X-rays is reduced, which makes the procedure safer for the patients.

This digital technology enables scanning of individual teeth, craniograms for orthodontic diagnostics and of the temporomandibular joint. The scanning process with the pantomogram Xray scan is short, painless and safe for the patient. During the scanning, the patient should be protected by a lead apron.

Pantomogram is required in the following cases:

  • When there is a suspicion of growth of wisdom teeth, because the pantomogram is the easiest way to verify if the wisdom teeth are formed, in what stage of growth they are currently at, as well as their position;
  • Certain disease of the joints of the jaw are more easily identified;
  • During planning of implant placement, the dentist has to know in detail the condition of the patient’s jaw bone, if it is of sufficiently high quality and if there is enough room for placing the implant. For this purpose, a 3D scan of the jaw is increasingly used nowadays, since it gives all the necessary pieces information to the dentist;
  • If there is a suspicion of jaw fracture;
  • When there is suspicion of jaw infection;
  • Pantomogram may help the ORL specialists if there is suspicion of a disease of the maxillary sinus.
  • With children of the school-going age, if there is a delay in growing of the permanent teeth
  • In the adolescent period, to determine the position of the wisdom teeth in case there is a need for them to be surgically removed.

The pantomogram Xray scan be momentarily displayed on the computer screen, it can be sent by e-mail or transferred onto a USB flash drive or CD. Digital scan is very precise for all the displayed strictures, which gives insight into more details and enables better diagnostic application. Pathological processes around the root of the tooth are identified more easily, as well as the condition of the bone in the early stages of periodontal disease or lesions on the teeth caused by dental caries. The Pantomogram Xray scan also enables timely diagnosis of teeth and jaw diseases.