Dental Bridge - Tips - Price and Everything You Need to Know

There are several ways in which the absence of one or more teeth in the dentition can be compensated. One of them is the dental bridge which consists of dental crowns.

Once, a dental bridge was a very popular way of replacing the missing teeth. Crowns on implants now have primacy.

However, dental bridges are still often used, both because of their price and because of the speed of achieved results.

dental bridge procedure
Dental bridge procedure | Source: AuthorityDental

In this article, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the dental bridge.

What is a dental bridge anyway?

A dental bridge is a replacement (fixed prosthetic restoration) for a tooth or teeth made to measure so that it fills the place where one or more teeth are missing.

It restores the original bite and brings back the natural shape to your face.

A dental bridge is used to replace a smaller number of missing teeth.

It is used by fixing it on stable and healthy ground teeth, or on dental implants that play the role of a carrier.

Why do you need a dental bridge?

A missing tooth can be a big problem. When you lose it, a gap is created in the dentition.

In this case, neighboring teeth may be distorted to fill the gap. Tooth migration is very common in this case.

It can happen that the teeth from the other jaw move up or down to fill the space.

dental bridge
A dental bridge

All of this can affect your bite and create more pressure on your teeth and jaw joints. As a result, pain and damage to the teeth and jaw occur.

In addition, when a tooth is missing, the bone can be reduced. If it happens, it can affect the way the jaw supports the lips and cheeks. As time goes on, your face will look much older.

What types of dental bridges are there?

There are two types of dental bridges. They can be:

  • a dental bridge that attaches to your natural teeth
  • a dental bridge that attaches to implants

The type of dental bridge that will be attached depends on the condition in the mouth. After the examination, it is recommended which bridge should be attached.

How is a dental bridge attached?

The attachment of a dental bridge depends on whether the anchor teeth will be your teeth or implants.

The attachment of a dental bridge is fixed, which means that it cannot be removed without the help of your dentist.

Attaching a dental bridge to your teeth

If a dental bridge is attached to your teeth, the procedure is as follows:

  • During the first visit, your dentist prepares your teeth on both sides of the space. He will attach the bridge to two of your teeth.
  • After that, your dentist takes a print or picture of your teeth and space. This is necessary so as to make a dental bridge to your measure.
  • After that, your dentist places a temporary bridge to protect the tooth on which the bridge is placed while you wait for your permanent dental bridge to be made.
  • When the permanent dental bridge is ready, your dentist will place, adjust, and cement it on the prepared teeth.

Attaching the dental bridge to the implants

If the dental bridge is placed on implants, the procedure is as follows:

Dental implants can be used to support a dental bridge. The implants are surgically inserted into the jaw. It is the bone that holds them in place.

The great advantage of this type of dental bridge is that it does not need the support of neighboring teeth.

dental implant
Dental implant

Candidates for dental implants must be in good health, as well as have enough bone to support the implant. To some people, implants help preserve the jawbone in places where the tooth is missing.

Implants can be placed in one day, but they can also require more visits to your dentist.

After placing implants, the procedure does not differ much.

Is a dental bridge the same as a dental implant?

A dental bridge is not the same as a dental implant and a distinction needs to be made between them.

Implants can replace one tooth at a time. A dental bridge replaces one or more teeth. Implants serve as dental braces for the dental bridge.

Is a dental bridge the same as a denture?

A dental bridge as well as a denture, changes more than one tooth. However, they differ in that the denture can be removed from the mouth while the dental bridge cannot.

So, the dental bridge is fixed to your jaw while the denture is not.

How to get used to the dental bridge?

Many people wonder if they will feel the dental bridge in their mouths after the procedure. This is understandable since no one likes to feel a foreign body in their mouth.

The answer to this question is actually very simple.

If the bridge is placed by professionals, you should not feel any pain after the procedure. You will not have any speech problems and you will be able to function normally.

beautiful smile
Close-up of female smile with healthy teeth

However, softer food is recommended after the bridge is attached. Avoid biting and chewing solid food so as not to damage the ceramic.

Biting and chewing solid food can damage your natural teeth in the same way.

You can feel the discomfort only at the beginning, as time goes by, you will not be able to distinguish the dental bridge from your natural teeth.

If you feel any pain that persists after the attachment of the dental bridge, contact your dentist immediately. That should not happen and indicates a problem.

How to clean a dental bridge?

Dental hygiene is very important. Tooth loss also occurs due to poor maintenance of dental hygiene, delayed visits to the dentist, as well as poor overall oral health.

A dental bridge is a type of artificial teeth. It requires equal hygiene as natural teeth, sometimes even bigger.

teeth hygiene
Dental hygiene

You should use a good toothbrush with smaller bristles, a toothpaste, as well as some interdental cleaning aid. It can be dental floss as well as an interdental toothbrush.

You need to pay special attention to the areas between your teeth and under the bridge. These are the places where bacteria can cause infections.

Do not hesitate to ask your dentist for advice when choosing oral hygiene products.

How long does a dental bridge last?

With regular visits to your dentist, at a minimum, once every 6 months, and proper oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last a very long time.

If you have chosen a reliable dentist and maintained adequate hygiene, a dental bridge can last for about ten years.

If dental implants hold your dental bridge, you can be sure that they will last a lifetime.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

The cost of attaching a dental bridge depends on many factors. It is affected by the number of crowns that compose a dental bridge and whether it is placed on implants or on your natural teeth.

The price also differs depending on whether the crowns are metal-ceramic or metal-free. Metal-free crowns are more expensive.

dental bridge price
Dental bridge price?

In order to calculate the price of your dental bridge, you need to take into consideration how many crowns you need, what type of crowns you want (metal-ceramic or metal-free), and whether you need implants.

The price of an individual metal-ceramic crown starts at 11,000.00 dinars. The price of a metal-free crown starts at 17,000.00 dinars.

Implants are much more expensive. Their attachment costs from 290 euros to more than 800e. The price directly affects quality so consider whether you are willing to pay more. Anyway, you will not change the implants as long as you are alive.


We hope that we have managed to answer all the important questions related to the dental bridge procedure. Tooth loss is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also damage your health.

For this procedure, it is very important to choose a reliable dentist who uses the best materials to avoid problems.

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Let your smile be our concern.