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Dental Bridge – Tips – Price and Everything You Need to Know Before the Procedure

There are several ways in which the absence of one or more teeth in the dentition can be compensated. One […]

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In addition to the standard examination with a dentist’s (mouth) mirror, what gives your dentist a much better insight into […]

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Short educational course on health of the teeth

A few words about teeth We have them, we take care of them, we like them because they look nice […]

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Implants – Advice on placement

Implants – implantation procedure Before implantation, you need to thoroughly prepare your oral cavity with optimum hygiene. Our general recommendation […]

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Implants – Maintenance

Subsequent maintenance treatments conditioned by implantation In the immediate period after implantation, implants are risky spots and should not be […]

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What causes bad breath?

Bad breath, scientifically named halitosis, is a very common problem that affects many people. Our first association is poor oral […]

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