Dental prosthetics – removable dentures or artificial teeth

Removable dentures or artificial teeth have been used for many years in treating missing teeth or partial loss of teeth. These dentures are removable devices designed to visually and completely replace missing teeth. They also provide functional replacement during swallowing, chewing and speaking. Tooth loss often causes lack of self-esteem, Implant-retained-bridge-copydigestion problems (due to insufficient and inadequate chewing), and improper bite. Among other things, teeth are also a visual support for the cheeks, so missing teeth cause the face to look older due to hollow cheeks and drooping edges of the lips.

Different types of removable dentures:

  • Complete dentures – for total loss of teeth
  • Partial dentures – for replacement of certain teeth
  • Immediate dentures – temporary replacements during serial teeth extraction
  • Skeletal dentures – permanent modern solutions that provide maximum reduction and successful compensation for all types of edentulism