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Dental prosthetics – fixed dentures

Dental prosthetics – fixed dentures

This type of services offered by dental prosthesis is characterised by replacements of one or several teeth by reconstructing teeth rows. implantati_19300Such fixed dentures include:

Dental crowns – prosthesis

When a tooth is damaged, cracked or completely broken, the only solution is to restore the crown. This strengthens the crown and restores the functionality of the tooth. A commonly accepted term for this type of service is artificial crown. This expression actually means that the entire restorative crown has been placed over the remaining surface of the existing tooth.

Are artificial crowns always a good choice?

You should think it through and consult your dentist, because the process of placing artificial crowns is irreversible. The tooth is abraded and prepared for placement of the artificial crown. Less invasive methods include lumineers and veneers. If your primary goal is to strengthen the tooth’s crown, artificial crown is the best possible solution.

Materials used for making of the crown are various. It used to be fashionable to wear crowns made of precarious metals (e.g. gold), whereas today metal-ceramic composite materials are favoured. Usually the crowns colour over the surrounding gums in a darker shade in time, so this is not the best aesthetic solution. A more natural and effective solution is a complete ceramic crown in the frontal region.

The crown placement procedure is made of several stages. After consultations and examinations, the dentist begins with teeth cleansing, removing any caries and shaping the remaining part of the tooth. This entire process is performed under local anaesthesia. An impression is taken with impression materials. At the dental laboratory a crown is made form selected materials. In the meanwhile, the dentist creates a temporary solution that covers and protects the tooth.
The second part of this process includes removal of the temporary crown and cementing the artificial one.

How long do artificial crowns last?

This segment depends exclusively on patients’ individual maintenance. We should mention that artificial crowns require the same level of oral hygiene just like any other tooth. The average lifetime can be up to 5 years, and with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, they can last longer. Artificial crowns should also be protected against aggressive food biting and against the consumption of too hard or sinewy food.

Dental bridges – prosthetics

“False” rows of teeth connected to the surrounding ones are called dental bridges. They successfully replace one or more missing teeth in a row. All dental bridges consist of:

When are dental bridges necessary?

We recommend that you opt for dental bridge placement if you experience one of the following problems:implant-1

It is always good to place dental bridges as soon as possible to prevent teeth migration, to establish proper chewing function, to reduce the load on the existing teeth and to prolong their lifetime, and of course, to be more confident about our looks.
Depending on the situation and in agreement with the dentist, you can decide for one of several kinds of dental bridges:

The basic flaw of bridges is that this procedure often requires preparation of healthy teeth, as well as susceptibility to infections in cases of improper oral hygiene and heightened sensitivity during the few weeks after bridge placement.