CAD/CAM Wieland Dental – high-level dental prosthetics

Being a dental office devoted to quality and keeping up with global trends, for our esteemed patients we have enabled an advanced servicewie of the best performance based on the use of Wieland’s latest CNC machines. Since CAM/CAD system has become a standard when it comes to dental prosthetics, we have decided to use Wieland Dental system as a part of equipment that would provide our patients with the highest quality of the offered prosthetic therapies. We have raised the level of quality of our services to a new level. By keeping up with global trends, we have earned our spot among the competing dental offices

Owing to the advancement of modern digital technology, Wieland Dentalprotetikamachines enable us to provide a wide range of services: a complete process, starting from impression scanning, CAD programme used to design prosthetic restorations, to CAD programme that uses CNC machines to wieland_webmake prosthetic restorations. Due to our advanced system of work we can now scan your impressions at the office with an intraoral scanner. This provides us with extreme mobility that makes the very process of making restorations easier and faster. These innovative systems provide a guarantee for our patients regarding the quality of making, materials and design of their restorations, as well as their longevity.

Excellent prosthetics ensures quality and longevity