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Cosmetic dentistry – Lumineers

Cosmetic dentistry – Lumineers


Lumineers are porcelain facets, specially designed and shaped, which do not require additional teeth abrasion. They are extremely thin and resistant, and their placement is quick and painless. Lumineers are essential parts of a perfect Smile makeover and they can significantly reshape your smile. They effectively cover and conceal existing irregularities, fill in gaps, and teeth are covered with an over painted shade, thus improving the appearance of worn out teeth. The patient needs to come to the dentist only twice to have lumineers placed. During the first visit, jaw impression is taken and sometimes a photograph of the smile is taken, and analysed, as well. It is also possible to correct the gums with a laser to make them symmetric, and the shade is determined at the same time. During the next visit, the dentist cements the facets and the procedure is complete.

Difference between veneers and lumineers

The basic difference is in the materials used to make them. Lumineers are casted out from a special kind of porcelain that makes them more solid and resistant, but also thinner than standard veneers. Their greatest advantage is that they do not require previous teeth processing (corrections are minimal) and do not require special equipment. This makes lumineer placement a reversible procedure, unlike veneers. By removing lumineers, our natural teeth will remain intact. They can also be placed over the existing crowns to give them a uniformed look.

Who can place lumineers?


Only licensed dental offices whose dentists have undergone special training in placing lumineers can provide you with original lumineers „by Cerinate“. This includes taking the patient’s impression and sending it exclusively to licensed laboratories that are the only ones allowed to provide services of lumineer making.