Dental office MND Dental – about us

Dr Nataša Mratinković

orthodontics specialist

Dr Nataša Mratinković was born in 1974 in Belgrade where she completed her elementary and secondary education. In 1999 she graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade. She acquired her first experience as a dentist while working as an intern at the Community Health Centre in Vračar. Then she decided to specialise in orthodontics at the Faculty of Dental Medicine. In 2004 she became a specialist in this discipline. She continued her professional development at “Ivan Milutinović“ dental clinic in Belgrade where she worked from 2002 until 2010. At that time she decided to open her own practice so at the end of 2010 she founded MND Dental. Due to her knowledge and experience, as well as commitment and professional approach, dental office MND Dental has become renowned and respectable.

Snežana Šaponjić

dental nurse

Snežana Šaponjić was born in 1985 in Nova Varoš. In 2004 she graduated from “Nadežda Vilmanović Janković“ High School of Dental Medicine in Čačak. After that, she enrolled at the School of Applied Health Sciences in Belgrade and graduated in 2011. Since the foundation of MND Dental in 2010, Snežana has been a permanent member of the staff.